In September 2021, YWCA Monterey County hosted over 140 professionals and interested community members for a one-day Human Trafficking training where the development of a Multi-Agency Human Trafficking Task Force began to unfold. Three remarkable guest speakers lay the ground for the need for a Task Force in Monterey County. Interested participants joined together to create Monterey County Human Trafficking Task Force to raise the response to Human Trafficking to include increased identification and prosecution of human trafficking cases with an emphasis on services for victims


Supporting Survivors

 The Monterey County Human Trafficking Task Force supports survivors by taking a whole system approach to address Human Trafficking. Our multi-agency collaboration includes YWCA Monterey County, a local non profit providing victim services in the form of shelter, mental health services, legal services and more.

Outreach and Awareness

Our Task Force facilitates training and educational opportunities for professionals within the community.  Those who work directly with Human Trafficking victims can access professional development to be able to provide a high level of support.


Using qualitative and quantitative data the Task Force aims to impact local and national policy making.


A multi-disciplinary group taking a collaborative approach to improve the investigation and prosecution of Traffickers. We work to provide a strategic response and a voice for survivors.

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